Presentation Guidelines

Oral Presentation Guidelines

You will have a total time of 15 minutes (regular talks) or 30 minutes (invited speakers) for your presentation including time for questions. It is very important that you adhere to the schedule in order to provide enough time for other presenters in your session. Session Chairs will stop a presenter if they go past their allotted time. Please be considerate of speakers presenting after you and adhere to the allotted time.

Presenters should load their presentation slides (PowerPoint or PDF format), as well as any supporting materials (e.g. videos) to the laptops in the lecture hall prior to the time of the session for your presentation.

You should bring the presentation files on a USB device, or download them from the internet on-site. Please allow enough time for your presentation download and subsequent upload. Technical assistance will be provided on-site to help you with the download/upload. Technical assistance will be provided on-site to help you with the download/upload. PowerPoint (Office 10 and older versions) on Windows operating system will be used for presentations. Mac computer users can use their own computers for presentation, but they must also provide their own HDMI adapter, or alternatively export their presentation to Microsoft Office PowerPoint format.

Before the start of the session, the presenters should preview their presentation and inform the session Chair to confirm their presence. The session Chairs will be present in the lecture rooms 10 minutes before the session is scheduled.

Poster Presentation Guidelines

If you are presenting a poster at the ISO-FOOD 2019 Symposium please note the maximum width of the poster board is 1 m x 2 m (width x height). Please be aware of and adhere to these dimensions as you will not be permitted to extend into another presenter’s space. Please place your poster on the Board marked with the number as indicated in your decision (acceptance) letter.

We suggest the following:
Poster Size: The recommended (and maximal) poster size is A0, which equals 84 cm x 118 cm (width x height), however, your poster may also be smaller. Please choose the upright format and keep in mind that the font sizes should be big enough to allow your poster to be read from some distance. We suggest using a font size of 22 – 24 pt. for texts and 60 – 70 pt. for headings.

You may also wish to print and bring along a few smaller copies of your poster as handouts to interested delegates.

All posters should be on display from the 1st to 2nd April. Poster boards will be marked according to session and poster number. Authors should set up their posters as early as possible but before 17:00 on Monday, April 1st. Mounting of posters will be possible from 17:00 to 19:00 on Sunday, March 31st. There will be material ready for mounting. Posters must be removed by 14:00 on Wednesday, April 3rd.